Etna E-MTB Tours – Basic and Advanced
2 December 2019

Sicily Bike Tourist Service offers… Etna Mountain Bike Adventure

Etna Mountain Bike Adventure an unforgettable tour on the Etna volcano with our MTB or E-MTB.

Multi-day tour by Mountain Bike or E-Bike to discover Mount Etna, the highest volcano in Europe, characterized by unique scenery and never banal trails.

Descents, climbs, woods, craters and millenary lava flows will make your experience on the Etna volcano… UNIQUE!

The proposal of Sicily Bike Tourist Service in low cost formula It is renewed to discover the Etna volcano, with the possibility of also including itineraries in the valley of the Simeto and Alcantara rivers.

New formula, compose your tour.

Our new formula compose your tour, it was designed to allow the client to choose various types of services and excursions (minimum two excursions, one per day) and to request a free personalized AD HOC quote.

We only ask you to provide us with the dates available to you (the reservation is exclusive and reserved), the itineraries (choose 2 or more options among the 5 options listed below), your preferences (kilometres and altitude differences), expectations (duration daily ) and of course your level of preparation (technical and physical), it will also be useful for us to know if you want extra services, including the preference for the hotel or B&B to stay at, we will provide you with information on the availability of the hotel facilities that have agreements with us, but you will be free to book your Hotel or B&B, clearly it is advisable to opt for structures located in Catania (in order to keep the cost of the transfer service low). Upon receipt of your e-mail or contact via WhatsApp (fastest solution, which we recommend), we will develop the Tour and the estimate, based on your requests. You will receive an answer in max 72 hours, all without obligation on your part.

Listed are our various proposals for guided excursions.

> 1 – Etna in south/west MTB, the most spectacular place to practice Mountain Biking, among old lava flows, volcanic cones and paths developed entirely in the Etna park.

Various levels of difficulty (easy – medium – challenging) and of various lengths.

> 2 – Etna MTB south/east, here the test gets tough, technical and demanding routes but always mastered by lava scenarios, woods and exhausting climbs, with small irruptions on paved roads, necessary to connect the various connections.

Two levels of difficulty (medium – demanding) and of varying duration.

> 3 – MTB climbing of the summit craters max altitude 2,900mt (without a volcanological guide), possibility of reaching higher altitudes, but only with the help of a volcanological guide and after checking the volcanological bulletin. Lunar scenarios await you, with unique landscapes surrounded by old volcanic cones and trails completely immersed in volcanic sand.

Two levels of difficulty, both demanding but substantially different, the simplest includes only the ascent to the summit craters starting at 1800m (South Etna), the second option is starting at 1700m and also includes MTB routes on the south/west side of the volcano Etna.

> 4 – MTB climbing of the Etna volcano starting from the city of Catania, mixed route (onroad / offroad), various solutions and alternatives.

Various levels of difficulty (all challenging) but with the possibility, based on your preferences and physical abilities, to start from various altitudes, including the last ascent to the summit craters (in this case the difference in altitude is only uphill and can reach even at around 3500 slm).

> 5 – Tour of the Pista Altomontana in MTB, various solutions and various mileages (minimum 35km).

Various levels of difficulty, you can opt for the simple ride (using the Pick-Up service at the end of the tour), or maybe, once the ride is over, you can also opt for the final descent (offroad/onroad) towards the city of Catania, with 2 alternatives : south/west slope (very demanding), also including part of the Simeto river, or the more rapid south/east slope, passing through Zafferana Etnea.

PLEASE NOTE: In addition to the 5 itineraries on the Etna volcano proposed, you can also integrate the MTB tours in the valley of the Simeto and Alcantara rivers.


> We accept requests only for a minimum of 2 participants.

> All the excursions listed above include a Certified Guide in tow.

> We do not provide Self Guide service.

> Our excursions are all of the XC/Trail type.

Supplementary services:

  • MTB/E-BIKE rental (just specify your preference)
  • Pick-up service from and to your hotel
  • Van accompanying the Tour (depends on the type of Tour)
  • Energy kits
  • Lunches/Dinners
  • Tastings
  • Overnight stays
  • Volcanological guide

For other extra services or customizations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We recommend: Technical/sports clothing suitable for mountain biking, trekking/tennis shoes (we also have the possibility to mount SPD pedals to give you the opportunity to use your technical cycling shoes, but the request must be made when booking), gloves, glasses sun or cycling, sunscreen (summer season).