Sicily_Bike_Tourist_ServiceSicily Bike Tourist Service is a lifestyle, is desire to hike, is love for nature, is the desire to explore our beloved mount Etna. Sicily Bike Tourist Service, founded by Luca and Rossella, among the first in Catania to believe in this type of mountain bike tourism, linked by love for their territory and by the desire to enhance the beauty, the historical, archaeological and artistic treasures of Sicily, they undertake to organize cycling tours and mountain bike tours sought and personalized ad HOC.

Luca, started his sporting career with enduro motorcycles in 1989. Years and years of participation in off-road events, collaboration with newspapers and websites of the sector and the great desire to explore, led him to devote himself body and soul to the collaboration and organization off road events throughout Sicily.

Over the years, his continuous desire to explore new roads and the continuous love for nature have led him to approach the world of mountain biking, thus making him find the right between nature and eco-sustainable exploration with zero impact. It is precisely the mountain bike that opens its doors to a more complete vision of exploration, in fact kilometers and kilometers rided in bike through trazzere, of bike rides through trazzere, single track and among the most evocative roads of Sicily, have increasingly attracted him to cycling tourism at 360°, many years of experience in the field make him a professional in the search for on and off road paths and an expert in accompanying cycling groups. Luca is the classic explorer who loves to discover his old fashioned paths, you give him a map and a compass… and make him the happiest person in the world. If you ask Luca what the bicycle is for him, he answers without hesitation: “FREEDOM”, this distinguishes him and allows him to easily adapt to all the needs of the customers, in order to make each of their small or big adventures unique and exclusive.

Rossella, sicilian D.O.C, also her opens his career with the organization off road events in motorcycles in 2006, she started to be passionate about mountain bike and cycle tourism thanks to Luca. The passion and care for the realization of the perfect excursion are lifestyle for her.

Besides taking care of the administrative side, she is the main booking agent, always ready and immediate, because she knows what the customer wants, so if you are dealing with her your request is already a reservation. She loves contact with the customer and thanks to her speed, understanding and transparency, she always manages to satisfy every request. For her, bike is the means by which exploring Sicily is simple, fun and evocative, in one word: it’s RELAX!

We of Sicily Bike Tourist Service, we are Sicilian and we love the tradition of cooking and the Sicilian wine culture, our typical dishes are a triumph of flavors and colors, the smells and the taste of our wines tell the origins of our beloved land and us we know it well… for this reason, besides giving you strong emotions on the bike, we always have the pleasure to give you the right indications on what and where to taste the typical products of Sicily.

We love to give our customers the best, so we use only highly qualified and professional staff. Our prices do not hide surprises, they are accessible and transparent, moreover we always issue a regular tax document at the end of each service.

All our cycling services include RC insurance coverage.

Sicily Bike Tourist Service, we are Mountain Biking specialists on the “Etna” volcano, we ride with you since 2013.

Sicily and Etna Bike Tours by Sicily Bike Tourist Service.